Managing Your Waitlist


We can send automatic emails when users do some actions. You can highly customize these emails. First, add some general information for all your emails.

  • Sender Name: add your name or something fancier like "Domingo from Waitify App."
  • From: choose a sender address. The sending domain can be custom. Check how to add your custom domain.

Autormation email settings

For each email automation, you have a set of common options:

  • Preview: opens a new browser window with a rendered preview of the email.
  • Edit: opens a simple email builder for editing the subject and body of the email.
  • Enable: switches on/ff

Email Builder

  • Add available merge tags using @ in the subject or body of your email.
  • Change the header and footer background color by clicking the palette icon on the email body's top left.
  • Change the text format, colors, links using the Toolbar. Add images by clicking the picture icon and introducing an URL where the image is hosted.

Email toolbar

Email builder

All Merge Tags

Depending on the email you are editing, you'll have a different set of available merge tags. Remember, you can quickly call the available tags by typing @.

  • @confirmation_link: Link for verifying email addresses.
  • @dashboard_link: Link to the subscriber's dashboard.
  • @email: Subscriber's email.
  • @people_ahead: People ahead of the subscriber.
  • @points: Subscriber's points.
  • @position: Subscriber's position.
  • @position_ordinal: Subscriber's ordinal position (available only in English).
  • @referral_link: Subscriber's referral link to share with their friends.
  • @total_referrals: Total number of subscriber's referrals.
  • @total_subscribers: Total number of people on the waiting list.

Also, you can write any merge tag between double curly brackets anywhere, including inside links. For example:


and inside links:

dashboard link

Welcome Email

Send an email when a subscriber joins your list. If a Confirmation Email is enabled, the Welcome Email will be sent after the email has been verified.

Welcome settings

Referral Email

Send an email to a subscriber when one of their friends subscribes using their referral link. Set a limit of how many emails will be sent to this subscriber. Default is 5 emails.

Referral email

Confirmation Email / Double Opt-In

Send a confirmation email to be sure that all submitted addresses are verified.

Change how long the confirmation link will be valid by selecting a verification time between 6 hours and 3 weeks.

When a user clicks in a verification email, they will be redirected to their dashboard. If you have set a custom redirection, it will follow it.

You can also customize the text shown after an email submission on the Confirmation Panel editor.

Confirmation email

To verify any email, we have to use a link pointing to Tuemilio. If you want to hide our domain, you can select a call-to-action, create a link, and write the confirmation_link tag between double curly brackets as shown below:

Verification link


On your Tuemilio Dashboard, you'll have an overview of key metrics that help you understand how your waitlist is performing. A plot of how your list is growing. The social sources where your subscribers find your website. And lastly, a map of your subscribers.

Tuemilio Analytics

On top of the dashboard, you have the main numbers.

  • Emails: The total amount of emails you've collected.
  • Visits: The number of times your website has been visited.
  • Users: The number of unique visits.
  • Conversion: The percentage of unique visits that subscribed to your list.
  • Referrals: The number of subscribers referred by other subscribers.
  • Viral Boost: The percentage of subscribers that referred to others.

Analytics Statistics

Understand how your viral list is growing. By default, you see an all-time graph, but you can select other periods like last month, last month, or today.

Hover over the graph to see the numbers at a specific time. You can also remove chart lines by clicking on the names on the legend.

Analytics Plots

Other stats you'll find interesting too.

  • Social Sources: A list of social sources where your subscribers found about you. The number on the side of each icon is the number of subscribers acquired on that channel. The "MORE" button redirects you to the acquisition page.
  • Subscribers map: See the country of your subscribers. Hovering over the map, you can see how many of them you have in each.

Analytics Maps


On this page, you discover where your site is being shared and how it performs on each one of them. Check how many visits and emails you are receiving from these sources. Also, you'll find here the conversion rate of social networks.



You can access all your subscribers on the Emails section. They are ordered by points by default. On the list, you can also find some basic information like location, where they found your website, when and how long it took them to subscribe.

Subscribers list

Email details

Click on any subscriber to get more details about him/her.

  • Points: A total of points that the subscriber has accumulated.
  • Referrals: Number of friends they manage to subscribe to your waitlist.
  • Visits: Number of times the subscriber visited your site.
  • Visits By Referrals: Number of unique visits they manage to attract to your website.

Email detailed info


If you already started collecting emails and you have a list. You can import them to Tuemilio by clicking the "Import" button on the "Emails" section.

Make sure that your CSV file has a column called Email Address or Email or email.

For importing users with points, a column must be named Points.

Email import panel

We support CSV files from MailChimp and Untorch. If you have an exported file from another service, please contact me on the chat widget below for manual import.


Once your campaign is done and you are ready to launch your product. You can export all your subscriber as a CSV file by clicking the "Download" button on the "Emails" section.


You can connect your viral waitlist to other services that you love. If you need an integration that is not listed here, please add your request here.

Waitlist Integrations


Connecting your viral waitlist to MailChimp is straightforward. So you can keep your early users informed on things like your progress, the launch date, special offers, and so on.

Click the "Connect with MailChimp" button.

You'll be redirected to Mailchimp's login page. Use your MailChimp credentials to log in.

Once you are successfully logged in, you'll go back to your integrations page. Great! Tuemilio is now connected to MailChimp. All the email lists on your MailChimp account are displayed.

Now select the one that you need to connect with and click "Connect list".

Awesome! You connected your waiting list to your email list on MailChimp.

If you want to stop adding your subscribers to your MailChimp list, click "Deactivate."

Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics installed on your site, and you switch on Automatic integration with Google Analytics on your Waitlist > Settings page, Tuemilio will send events to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics


A webhook is a flexible connecting tool that lets you integrate with almost anything on the internet. Each time you get a new subscriber, Tuemilio makes a POST request to the URL you specify with the subscriber's information.

Click the "Make test request" if you need to debug or test your endpoint's logic. When everything is on point, click "Activate" to start the connection. Check here the webhook data sent from Tuemilio.

Good job! You connected your list to an endpoint. But why do I need that? Integrate to all available services on Zapier or send a notification to a Telegram conversation, for example.

Grant Access Webhook

You can set Tuemilio to send automatic webhooks to your application for granting access to your subscribers from your app.

  • Set how often you'll give access to your users in days. Set to 1 to grant access to a batch of users every day. Set to 7 for a weekly release.
  • Select the top X subscribers of the list you want to give access to. On the next batch, the following group of subscribers will be granted.
  • Or select how many points a subscriber will need at least to get access.

Here a few examples.

  • For giving access gradually to your launch list, set an interval of 7 days to the top 20 subscribers.
  • For giving automatic access to users that reach more than 5 points. Set an interval of 1 day to subscribers with more than 5 points.


Typeform is an excellent tool for doing dynamic surveys. It comes really handy for getting inputs from your users while you are testing your idea.

Let's add a subscriber to a Tuemilio waitlist when a subscriber completes a survey on Typeform. Start by creating a Zap connection from Typeform to Webhooks by Zapier. Select New Entry as a trigger and POST as an action.

Waitlist Integrations

Sign in using your Typeform account. In Edit Options, select a Form entry. In my case, "Customer Survey."

Waitlist Integrations

In Test This Step, pick a sample from your survey entries.

Waitlist Integrations

Make sure you have selected POST.

Waitlist Integrations

In Edit Template, add the Tuemilio API endpoint that collects the email.{LIST_ID}/emails?api_token=XXXXXXXX

You can find your api_token and LIST_ID here. Remember that for the private API, you need to use the short list ID. You can also check your short LIST_ID by going to Waitlists > {your list} and get it from the URL in the browser. For example

In Data, you only need to add the key address and the email field from Typeform as a value.

Waitlist Integrations

Once the setup is done, you can test the webhook by clicking the "Send Test To Webhooks by Zapier" button.

Waitlist Integrations

If everything works fine, you'll see a confirmation message like the one below. Also, you can check now on the Tuemilio dashboard that your email came from Zapier successfully.

Waitlist Integrations

Waitlist Integrations

Click finish and switch on your new Zap.

Waitlist Integrations

Now you are ready to share your Typeform and start collecting emails with Tuemilio! Remember to have your autoresponse activated to make it work.


Let's connect Tuemilio to an available app on Zapier. For this example, we will connect to ActiveCampaign. Select "Webhooks by Zapier" and connect it with "ActiveCampaign." Click "Use Zap"

Waitlist Integrations

Now on "Set Up Webhook", Zapier gives a URL. Click "Copy to clipboard" and go to Tuemilio's integration page.

Waitlist Integrations

Paste the endpoint in the URL field and click "Activate." Make a test request by clicking "Make test request."

Now you'll see on Zapier's dashboard the data that Tuemilio sent. The email address of the subscriber is in the "data_address" field. You can now connect this contact to automation on ActiveCampaign.

Waitlist Integrations


We will send you a notification when your waitlist grows X number of subscribers.


Via email, we can notify you each time you get 50 new subscribers. Type 50 in the "Email me every" field and write the email address where you want to be notified.

Waitlist Integrations

To stop receiving notifications, click the "Deactivate" button. For receiving fewer emails, increase the number of subscribers.

Other Channels

At the moment, we only support email notifications. If you wish to get alerted through another channel, please add your request here.


Create a team and invite members to work together. Members of your team can view and edit your lists, emails and settings.

Create a team

Click on your name on the top right corner and then click "Teams."

On the teams' page, click "Create team" and give it a name. Now you'll be able to invite members to your team using their email addresses.

Members will receive an email with a link to join your team. From now on, you'll be able to work together.