Getting Started

Welcome to Tuemilio. Here you'll see how to find the form code, how to install it on your website and test it.


Step 1. Go to the Form submenu and copy the Form Code.

The Form submenu

Step 2. Before installing the form code, you can customize colors, texts, and fields. See how. Also you can preview the final result by clicking the "View" button.

The form code for your waiting list

Step 3. Paste the form code wherever you need the form to show on your website. The form will show wherever you place the <div class="t-signup"></div> element.

Paste the form code on your site


Always reinstall your Form Code on your site each time you add changes to your colors, texts, fields, etc.

Multiple Forms

If you need to install more than one form on your page:

  • Install once the form code as described above.
  • For each extra form, paste only the first part of the form code <div class="t-signup"></div> wherever you need it on your page.


If you are using custom fields, notice that the first part of the code will be longer than <div class="t-signup"></div> as it needs the custom fields information in it.

For instance, if you have a custom field called 'name', it will look like:

<div class="t-signup">
    <input type="email" name="email" placeholder="">
    <input type="text" name="name" placeholder="Name">



You can integrate Tuemilio on Webflow using an Embed element. For that, you'll need a paid Webflow account.

Step 0. Copy the Tuemilio Form Code. See how.

Step 1. Place an Embed element wherever you want your form to appear.

Webflow Embed

Step 2. Paste Tuemilio Form Code.

Webflow Paste Custom Code

Step 3. Publish your site.

Check more details on how to add Custom Code here.


You can integrate Tuemilio on WordPress using the Custom HTML block in the Gutenberg editor.

Step 0. Copy the Tuemilio Form Code. See how.

Step 1. On the Gutenberg Editor, add a Custom HTML block.

Wordpress Custom HTML Block

Step 2. Paste Tuemilio Form Code.

Wordpress Paste

Step 3. Click preview and update your site.

Wordpress Preview

Check more details on how to add Custom HTML blocks here.


You can integrate Tuemilio on Wix using the HTML iframe element.

Step 0. Copy the Tuemilio Form Code. See how.

Step 1. Click the Add button on the left side of the Editor.

Step 2. Click Embed and then HTML iframe.

Wix Embed Panel

Step 3. Place the HTML iframe element wherever you need to display the Tuemilio form and click Enter Code.

Wix Enter Code

Step 4. Select code and paste the Tuemilio Form Code.

Wix Paste

Check more details on how to add HTML iframe elements here.


Tuemilio has strong anti-fraud & anti-fraud filters. These filters will stop misbehavior from subscribers that try to rig the system. Tuemilio has the following filters:

  • Throw-away emails are not accepted.
  • Autosurf traffic is not allowed and will block the user.
  • A user can only submit one email from the same browser (cookie-based).
  • Only 4 new email submissions from the same IP allowed.
  • Only 4 email referrals from the same IP.
  • A referral from the same IP or browser is not allowed.
  • If a sharing-link has more than 2 IPs that have 2 or more referrals each, the link owner will be blocked.
  • Sharing-links from a blocked subscribed will not allow further email subscriptions.

While testing, you can bypass all these filters using any email address that contains the word test, for example:


Testing addresses will not trigger any autoresponse nor integration.